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The KatharSys® product family currently consists of the following software modules:

KatharSys® GDE (Call Data Collection) is a software module for the uncomplicated assessment of telecommunications connections. KatharSys® GDE users can create assessment reports on the basis of numerous criteria which can be individually combined. An extensive range of export functions enable accrued call data to be individually processed and data within a company’s IT infrastructure to be synchronised comfortably.

KatharSys® BGA (Resident-Guest-Application) is a frontend application aimed at all service providers operating in institutionalised health care, nursing and the hotel industry seeking to account for telephony services, including all other associated costs. The communication connection fees of as many logged extensions as desired along with associated costs for aspects like services are automatically calculated at the push of a button, including invoice printouts which can be configured individually.

KatharSys® VMT (Telecommunications Contract Manager) is your tool for managing your mobile telephony contracts, devices and data. Manage every aspect of your mobile telephony contracts and associated device inventory, including all of the details related to factors such as subsidised contract terms where applicable, PINs, PUKs and distinguishing hardware details. Who are the people using the devices and what costs have been generated? This high-performance software tool gives you the answers in numbers and graphic overviews. A tool for demanding requirements.

KatharSys® ETB (Electronic Telephone Book) is a CTI solution designed for application in your telephone exchange. Contact persons can be located using comfortable real-time search functions and contacted with the push of a button or by mouse-click. Pre-sorting according to individual job responsibilities opens a variety of possibilities for quickly identifying the right people to call. Depending on the particular TC system, connections can be made via TCP/IP, TAPI and V.24. And a Braille strip makes our ETB suitable for blind-person workplaces.

KatharSys® Agent is a time-controlled "Workflow Scheduler" with which KatharSys® data can be professionally managed with quick reaction times. The only time limits are any number of desired automatic job routines which can be created for an extensive range of configurable, complex data management.

The Best Technology for the Best Performance

All of the modules in the KatharSys® product family are pure 32-bit applications. Naturally, they are network-compatible and can be run on the Windows®XP, Windows®7 and Server2003 / 2008 R2 operating systems.

The software modules can also be virtualised via VMware®. There are also several examples of the installations implemented in combination with Citrix Terminal Server.

Our modules are based on a high-performance SQL database which ensures the fastest possible response times, underscoring their user-friendliness. The database supports both the shared and the client/server mode, the latter of which is based on TCP/IP with ports that can be set according to your wishes.