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Our "All-Rounder"

There’s simply no better way of describing this module combining so many different properties into a single solution.

Licence the KatharSys® AGENT module separately to automate many of the tasks related to the use and servicing of all existing KatharSys® data.
Create jobs executed at regular intervals for routine tasks such as communication data assessment, file transfer via FTP, SMTP or simple file copy, the call-up of EXE and BATCH files and sending disruption and status reports for KatharSys® modules by e-mail. Automated import can also be implemented using the above-specified protocols along with LDAP clients.

Freely configurable SQL database queries are also a powerful tool for “feeding” other media such as Intranet applications with current data. Dedicated or complete data backups round out the impressive range of tasks this imaginative hybrid feature can perform.

We’re at your service any time to provide you with further information. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and explain the performance properties of KatharSys® Agent.