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Resident-Guest Application

Accounting for communication data costs in care facilities, hotels and hospitals! 

KatharSys® BGA is the professional software solution for all institutionalised health care, hospitality industry and hotel industry operators seeking to comfortably and securely account for their telephony services, including other associated costs.

KatharSys® BGA is reliably linked-in to the existing TC systems. Together with other associated costs for ancillary services, you can push a button to automatically calculate accrued communication connection fees for any number of logged extensions, including individually configurable invoice printouts.

KatharSys® BGA is an add-on that is fully integrated into the multi-node-compatible KatharSys® GDE module. Tailored to meet the exact telephony assessment needs of the specific branch, this high-performance frontend is equipped with precisely the features needed every day for check-in and check-out at institutionalised health care facilities, hotels and hospitals.
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