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Call Data Collection and Assessment

KatharSys® GDE is your professional multi-node-compatible software solution for modern communication data controlling linked into a variety of TC systems.
Assess call data (company-related, private guest, optional 1 & 2) according to a variety of key criteria such as the extension, project, PIN, AKG, channel/local loop, phone number, personnel, planned or random checks - with full implementation of the office phone regulation (also for Brandenburg).
Create individual assessment configurations and take advantage of the many comfort features for fee data assessment.

The link-up to your TC system, regardless of the manufacturer, can be executed "Online" (direct via IP or V.24) or "Remote". In such case the communication data are collected by the TC system at defined times.
The "Remote" mode also provides the basis for complex inquiries from several TC systems or gateways according to a variety of protocols.

In addition to a report generator, a sophisticated Export module is implemented for the integration of the assessed data in the existing structures and systems.

Check our Brochures or simply get in touch with us for more information. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and explain the performance properties of KatharSys® GDE.