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Master Data Management

The KatharSys® Master Data Management (STAMM) tool is included with delivery of the following KatharSys® modules: Call Data Collection (GDE), Resident-Guest Application (BGA), Telecommunication Contract Management (VMT) and Electronic Telephone Book (ETB). These four software modules directly access serviceable data in the KatharSys® Master Data Management.

It allows you to centrally manage your internal personnel data and external contacts for the above-specified KatharSys® modules.
You can depict your organisation structure or create your own departments, cost centres and groups, and assign them to your internal contacts. Allocate these areas of responsibility and external company entries to specific contact persons.

Import and export data sets in and out of KatharSys® STAMM manually, or use it in conjunction with KatharSys® Agent to automate the process, for instance with the integrated LDAP client. A comfortable PIN Generator for creating any PIN numbers that are needed round out the spectrum of what this module can do.